The List


Published Links

Global Citizen Connects with Atlanta's Newest Changemakers

EKOCYCLE Steps Up As Official Recycling Partner at 2014 Global Citizen Festival

EKOCYCLE Reduced, Reused, Recycled & Rocked 2014

EKOCYCLE Inspires Millennial Trains Project to Imagine a Sustainable Future

EKOCYCLE Is Transforming 3D Printing Using Recycled Plastic Bottles (everything)


Books Short List

Hooked / Nir Eyal

Outliers / Malcolm Gladwell (call me!) (and pretty much most of his other books)

Story Wars / Jonah Sachs

Alice In Wonderland / Lewis Carroll (it's so quick, it's worth it to regress for just a sec)

Atlas Shrugged / You-Know-Whom (Don't judge me based on the misuse of Ms. Rand's views. It just takes SO MUCH TIME to get through this, it's impossible to walk away from this one without some sort of discuss-able reaction).

4-Hour Work Week / Tim Ferriss


Podcasts on My Short List

Let's Make Mistakes

The Tim Ferriss Show 

Slate Political Gabfest / While it has certainly moved into middle age, it's still a go-to for Friday AMs.

Seminars About Long-Term Thinking / The Long Now Foundation


Books & Such I Wanted More Out Of...

Daring Greatly / Bené Brown

Conscious Capitalism / John Mackey

inding Your Element / Ken Robinson

The Power of Now / Eckhart Tolle (the title pretty much captures everything you need to know here). 

Most anything from Seth Godin. Snooze.