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Creative & technical consultant for consumer brands, startups, social enterprise, education

Contact: Melissa Mecca

Marketing Brand Strategy

Need some help crafting your pitch, refining your brand story, or helping to translate a great vision document into consumer speak? This work is truly a craft. It takes just the right balance of marketing skill, knowledge of the consumer space, awareness and knowledge of the latest digital tools, an eye for identifying opportunities and just a little bit of a loose pen; able to write distill the message into a simple, clear and effective voice. 

UX/UI Design

UX and UI trends have changed dramatically over the years, in direct response to the available tools and end user needs. Current considerations for an ever-increasing screen base are forcing designers to be smarter and data-driven in their problem solving. My newest projects including Odwalla and (launching May 2015) demonstrate my belief that change is the best— and perhaps the only thing we should hold onto.

Technical Production/Website Development

I've managed a great range of websites, including Java/Tomcat (and Websphere) as well as Wordpress sites large and small. I work regularly with Amazon Web Services, and also do front end development with HTML/CSS, Javascript. 

Social + Content Marketing

Building and continuing your brand story in social means you have to get a lot of things going in the same direction. Here are a few areas I can help with:

  • a killer website, updated regularly with content from a variety of contributors
  • a stunning photographic record (it's true, your images speak first and loudest)
  • a unique voice that comes through in writing, consistency, visual style, an approach to the community and the mix of content categories
  • a solid strategy that helps you know what your plan and goals can look like
  • availability to manage a community that (pretty much) never sleeps.

Digital Media Creative

Concept, design, and image production

SEO, Google Analytics Support